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Snowshoeing Adventure in Colorado

Client Comments

“Everyday we would wake up to a wonderful breakfast and would end the day with a hearty dinner prepared solely by our guides, and always with a smile.  During activities we learned not only the basics of being in the outdoors but also technical skills for those who wanted to participate. ”

Customer Comments


Levels of trekking and/or hiking difficulty

Levels of Trip Difficulty

Level I:

These outdoor activities are the least strenuous and are at a relaxed pace and involve 1 – 3 hours of walking/hiking of 3 miles or less per day.


Level II:

For the easy active adventurer. These trips normally require 3 – 5 hours of walking/hiking up to 6 miles per day. These trips can take place at altitudes of 6,000 ft in elevation.


Level III:

Here adventure travelers can expect up to 6 hours of hiking each day in rolling or mountainous terrain at elevations ranging from 6,000 to 8,000 ft.


Level IV:

These are vigorous adventures involving 5 – 8 hours of hiking in mountainous terrain per day, and at altitudes above 6,000 ft.



We believe preparing for your trip should be an anticipated and enjoyable part of your WorldWide Trekking experience, as in the months prior to your adventure you’ll find that training not only prepares you physically for the challenges which may lie ahead, but also puts you mentally in the adventure and enables your anticipation to build. It’s well-known fact that a prepared adventurer gains a greater sense of enjoyment due to their mental preparedness and improved physical conditioning.

We recommend joining a gym, as a membership will help motivate you to exercise and being around others will stimulate the intensity of your workout. For all of our trips, we suggest wearing your loaded daypack and hiking boots to give a more realistic feel to your training.

Talk About Personal Service!

If you live in the Omaha, Nebraska vicinity, your WorldWide Trekking guides will organize training hikes at our local nature preserves with you as part of our personalized service to help you prepare for your personal adventure. They are also happy to advise you on clothing and gear and will even meet with you at the local outdoor shops we support!

Get out and hike.

Dress in your trekking clothes, put your pack and boots on, and get out and walk. Find an area with trails and hills so you can get out on some uneven terrain and simulate what you’ll be doing. This is a great way to get familiar with your trekking poles, daypack, and footwear, and also to experience how your clothing systems will perform.

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